Feeding needs for different shrubs

All Feedings Are Not the Same

Just as people have different tastes for food and people react differently to different foods plants and trees do the same thing. If you’ve ever looked at the bag of fertilizer or bottles now you will notice three primary numbers. These numbers represent the macronutrients all plants have a need for. Different plants have different needs at different times of the year. We understand the needs of most of this plant material and trees. If anybody tells you they know all of them I would like to meet this genius.

With that understanding though there’s a responsibility not to do harm and I have witnessed many times where people just want to see as quick a growth as possible with no regard to the after effect. We practice sensible feedings and do them at the right time of year to accomplish the best health, Vigor , stamina and protection for your plant and trees. Give us a call and we can come out and assess your plant palette and give you a recommendation for a program that will optimize your Outdoors. And if it sounds like something that would fit for you ask about the automated fertilizer injection systems.

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