Palm Tree Trimming

​Palm Trees Are a Perfect Tree for Our Climate

A Palm tree has been described as confused it likes its feet in heaven and its head in hell.

​The Mexican fans and California palms are especially suited for our extremely high temperatures and high ph waters and soils. But they do need attention or they will become susceptible to disease and insects also fire blight and rust.
A regular fertilization program and a close eye on the vascularity will help keep them strong and vigorous for decades. There are new problems always arising such as the Snouted Palm weevil. The grub or larva of this piercing chewing insect is nearly 4 times the size of the adult. The larva bores into the Palm and disrupts nutrient flow to the leaves also called Fronds

There are many tree companies that have no problem trimming your tree for a very good price but they do not understand the mechanics or biology of these magnificent plants. During maintenance is a perfect time to assess the tree’s health and vitality. This is also a good time for a regular Treatment bolstering the nutrient levels in the soil. The Palm trees do not like to swim in water that is why it’s recommended for a good draining soil medium for the trees to be the established and thrive in. if you have native soil surrounding your Palm tree root area and your tree was planted in good percolating sand the tree will still outgrow it’s good environment . Another treatment can be added that will help increase water flow and keep your tree healthy. Have one of our specialists from American turf and tree come out and give you a free evaluation and recommendation for a service program for not only your Palm trees but all of your landscape.

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