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As long time Las Vegas residents, our team at American Turf and Tree has earned a sound reputation. We keep our word and we do what we say were going to do. We’ve been in this industry for many years as our company was established in 1998. What we do matters because our customers want their trees, shrubs and lawns to look great and be healthy - year round. We also keep the weeds under control. This is vital as much of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas has converted to zero-scape to save water. Controlling weeds and maintaining shrubs is more important than ever. Our customers know we are genuinely concerned about helping them get the results they are looking for. We are reliable and affordable too. Whatever may be the problem, we have the solution: Whether it is saving a sick tree, getting rid of spider mites, cleaning up unwanted olives or keeping trees from fruiting, we have programs to suit their needs.

American Turf and Tree


Walter Skochenko was born and raised in the Valley and started working construction at a very young age. From learning to jackhammer and working his way up to getting a gas card, Walt learned about all the equipment and areas that dealt with civil infrastructure. He learned about concrete, about laying water pipes, sewer pipes and more. He worked on freeway jobs and large infrastructure projects. He became an outside superintendent and then a project manager. Walter knows how to read contracts, understands scopes of work and what it takes to develop sound relationships with all the different entities. His word is good. When he says something will be done, it will. Walter builds long-term relationships that way with people.

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