Many shrubs get disease and suffer from over watering, but the worst issue for shrubs and bushes may be where it was planted. We sometimes have to give customers the bad news that the problem with their shrub is that it was planted in the wrong place.

Many older neighborhoods may have plants where a tree has grown over them and they are now in shade. These plants may require more sunlight. Other plants and scrubs may prefer a shady spot. Also some plants were not planted in a big enough hole in the first place. If a plant struggles for these reasons, we may be able to keep it in check but we won’t be able to cure it.

We are Valley specific we’ve been here and watched trends in landscaping from the old older neighborhoods to newer water efficient landscapes.

Because we are licensed with the Nevada Department of agriculture, we can spray the chemicals you need. We come out assess the situation and give you exactly how much you need. Because of our experience, we can determine that.