Tree Care

At American Turf and Tree, we are familiar with all the types of trees specific to the Las Vegas Valley climate. We are not part of a large corporation. We were born and raised right here. That is important because we know the unique needs of your trees. Not from a book, but from experience.

We handle insect problems and often combat fungus’s brought on by over-watering and heavy rainfall. It is very possible to over-water trees. We educate our customers on how to water and how to use theirs sprinkler systems correctly. Some trees suffer from a lack of iron that causes yellowing out. They may require iron supplements to bring them back to their former glory. We are uniquely ready to recognize these kinds of problems with your trees and provide solutions.

We provide a systemic treatment that attacks tree borers from the inside of the tree. We have the license to do these types of treatments that an average landscape company does not. We can tell you when it is appropriate to do deep root soaks. We use 250 psi pressure which helps to aerate the soil.

Our approach to tree care is Las Vegas valley specific because we know the climate. We work exclusively in the Las Vegas Valley and we know our trees, we know the soil issues caused by heat and we know what programs work here.