Shrubs & Bushes

We keep your shrubs and bushes beautiful with fertilizing, disease control and prevention. We provide 6 rounds of treatments over the year. We usually treat your trees and shrubs all at once.

The difference between trees and bushes: 

With trees we use the probe to deep root feed. With shrubs we do a soil drench. We do this because  your bushes’ feeder roots are not as deep as your tree roots are. When you do a soil drench you are getting the nutrients in closer to the feeder roots. A lot of companies probe everything. That is a lot of window-dressing and it is not necessary. It looks good but it is not substantive. It takes longer and they may charge more. We do the correct process and charge appropriately.

Insects & Disease Control

Many shrubs get disease and suffer from over watering, but the worst issue […]


We do a soil drench for plants and schrubs. We fertilize every shrub […]

Keep your shrubs and bushes beautful and disease free with American Turf and Trees.