Turf Services

We provide you the appropriate service depending on the time of the year, the climate and what your needs are at that point in time. We staggered between liquid and granular fertilizer. Using a liquid fertilizer at the wrong time of the year can be a waste of product due to evaporation. The granular fertilizer may be a better choice. We are Valley specific we do not have to sell you a plan created from a big corporate office.

Turf Fertilization & Care

American Turf and Tree offers specific fertilization programs. We create a custom program […]

Weed Control & Prevention

A lot of people have removed their grass and have replaced it with […]

Turf Irrigation

We have an extensive background in turf irrigation. We’ve been doing it for […]

Aeration Spring & Fall

Much like fertilizing your trees and bushes, we don’t want to put stress […]

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