Plant Protection and Care

Weed Control & Prevention

A lot of people have removed their grass and have replaced it with landscape rock. Weed control is customized to your yard depending on how much you want to spend and how your yard is designed. Sometimes grass is removed and rocks are thrown on the top. Soon the grass begins to come back. We start with a pre-emergent which is a chemical that keeps seeds from germinating. If the weeds do come up then we do a post emergent (a weed killer). We start the year with a pre-emergent follow up with a post emergent and then end the year with another pre-emergent to keep everything under control. A one-time shot of treatment will not get your weeds under control.

The active ingredients in the chemicals we use require that we are licensed by the State of Nevada Agricultural Department. Also have the ability to add to our chemicals and write formulas: for example we may use a wetting agent that strips the waxy coating off of plants to make it more effective.

We use the correct specific amount. When it comes to herbicides, more is not better. People think that “if I really soak them, I will get them all.” If you soak the area with chemicals it will burn the top of the weed. The top dies, but the chemical doesn’t get to the roots. A lot of people make the mistake of using too much chemical.

Weed control within turf is also an issue many of our customers have. Many times outbreaks of weeds such as dandelions and spurge take root and spread quickly. We often help apartment complexes by cleaning out the weeds in their turf. No job is too big or too small. We do everything from courtyards in condominiums to an 80 acre power plant and everything in between.